Tax: 20%

Tax: 20%

Tax: 20%
x 100 x 100 x 20



Server inspection complete 28.11.2017

Added Referral system

Reset Guild GP

- Added Samarkand trade route

- Added God bless for new characters

 Server under inspection

Time: 28.11.2017 20:00 (Server Time)

Expected duration: 1-2 hours


Server inspection complete 10.11.2017

- Zerk cooldown 120 second
- Zerk cooldown in Job Mode 240 second (Only JG/DH/HT/Job temple areas)
- Cooldown time is counted from the time of inclusion zerk
- New Trade Job road (Underwater) to Hotan
- Added new Fellow pet "Fox"
- Fixed random of daily achievement
- Fixed killing unique in job suit achivement
- Death assassin avatar now it tradabe
- Upgrade filter exploit fixes
- Database optimization
- Guild GP reset


Server inspection

Time: 10.11.2017 23:00 (Server Time)


Server inspection complete

- Disabled zerk potions at FW

- Added avatars (Death assassin, Red Noble)

- Union limit set to 3

- Filter minor patch

Server Under inspection

Time: 15.10.2017 05:00 (Server Time)

Expected duration: 2-3 hours


Server inspection complete

more info here

Server Under inspection

Time: 03.09.2017 22:00 (Server Time)

Expected duration: 2-3 hours

Server inspection 02.07.2017

- Added quests for newbie players (12 quests)
Reward: Newbie D14 items (Set/Weapon/Acc) per quest
* Stats like D 14 sun
* These items are not upgradable and not tradable
- Added 500 Silks scroll to IM
- Added durability reduce remover to IM
- Fixed Honor buff duplicate
- Battle arena reward, Win team: 90AC, Lose team: 20AC

21.05.2017 Inspection changelog

- Fixed trade fellow bug (disable mount fellows while use trade pet)
- Fixed trade invisible (cannot attack) bug (disable invisible skill while use trade pet)
- Skills balance(more...)
- Jannisary and Jade Shadow now are tradable
- Added Battle Arena everyday 16:00 (Server Time) - BETA
- Fixed Seth despawn


14.05.2017 Inspection changelog

- Fixed Legend Title disconnect
- Fixed Seth HP
- Skills balance(more)
- New characters receive Gold Honor buff for 5 days ( disappear after reach 140lv)
- Achievment system - reset weekly (check at website _> Player items Achievements tab).If all of them are complete you will receive Gold Honor buff for 7 days.
- Fixed some effects crash problem
- Added new avatars Jannisary and Jade Shadow
- Added 10 Gold Coin drop to ROC
- Removed Easter event




Dear players,

Happy Easter for eweryone ,

we will start Donate event today 15:30

16.04 15:30 - 00:00
 150% more silks in same price
17.04 100% more silks in same price

 * Silks amount is included.

10.04.2017 Inspection changelog

- Increased power/hp/level of Job Temple uniques/monsters
- Job Temple uniques drop Gold Coin
- Added Legion upgrader scroll (works only with ACC), It gives special power to ACC. Able to buy in Legion Shop for Gold Coin and AC
- Added reward 100EP for everyone in guild that win FW
- Added attack to Death bone roc
- Now Legion suits cant be drop.
- Added Easter event (Find Easter rabbit in random places), rabbits have 50% to drop EGG that you can exchange for reward.
- "Statue of Justice" increased damage. Type changed as unique.
- Increased Cold/Light/Fire Nukes % power by 15 (ex. Flame Wave Disintegrate 330% up to 345%)
- Added title scroll "Legend" for 7 days. Able to win at events.
- Fixed White Angel spirit cooldown
- Reset Guild GP
- Fixed 1st lv bicheon combo status.
- Increased Jupiter mirror spawn rate.

- Skill changes ( link)


Server inspection

Start Time: 10.04.2017 09:00 (Server Time)

Expected duration: 3-4 hours


14.03.2017 Inspection changelog

- Added Thunderstorm Glows (Preview: Click here)(Item mall ->Premium)*It change only glow effect, not give more benefit*
- Increased damage Garden uniques
- Fixed launatune drop
- Fixed Fortress structures
- Added new avatars(Grey Dragon Soul,Abshad Force High General)
- Fixed IP limit exceeded after Disconnect
- Roc Flag now its tradable.


Server inspection

Time: 14.03.2017 13:00 (Server Time)

Expected duration: 1-2 hours


28.02.2017 Changelog

- Added Flame Tree map
- Added Garden Map
- Added Teleport Baghdad - > Flame Tree -> Garden
- Added Monsters and spawn to Flame Tree and Garden
- New unique "Minotaur" in Flame Tree respawn 5-6 (12 spawn points) DROP : Styria Recipe, Special Box, 15 AC
- 3x Uniques in Garden respawn 5-6h DROP : Styria Recipe, Special Box, 15 AC
- Botting in Garden is prohibited
- Garden and Flame Tree monsters DROP Styria crystals element
- IP limit for (Garden&Flame Tree) = 1, IP limit for DH Cave = 1
- Quest for kill 3 uniques in Garden, Repatable, Reward : Special Box
- Quest for kill 500 Flame TItans & 500 Flame Beast, Only one time , Reward : Special Box
- Special BOX reward: Elixirs 80-160,Flags (5 types)(Clean or Random blue Str/int +3/5/7/9), Styria Recipe, EP +10/30/30 Scrolls
- Title (one day) "Flame Master" for Minotaur kill
- Removed Catacomb and Muhan
- Alchemy stones stack up to 1000 unit

Server inspection

Time: 28.02.2017 13:00 (Server Time)

Expected duration: 3-4 hours



- Fixed zerk potion FW bug
- Fixed negative level in party maching
- Removed players from academy
- Fixed Warrior Vital increase (both usage) (2nd skill removed 1st skill level up to 22)
- Alchemy powders stack up to 1000
- Fixed Grab pet disconnect in thief mode
- Prepare files update to add new map.
- Disable withdraw legion skills.
- Added missing music files. (Jupiter/Baghdad)


12:00 Server restart / reset GP / fix PK


Server Inspection 01.02.2017

Event Socks are sellable.
White elephant added to Legion Shop
Every trade pet with more than 44 slots req. 130lv
Now you cant attack characters under 140 lv in PK mode
Added IP Protection system (Click here to read more)
Catacomb areas opened.
Added new avatar "Water spirit"




Hello Players


Our server back online.

We closed catacomb map to detect problem.

Characters who was in catacomb please use Unstuck in User Panel.

We changed monsters in DH cave to Shade.


We back online , White elephant trade pet had been disabled. Who had it received silks.

18.01.2017 Server Inspection Changelog:

- Fixed purification cooldown
- Fixed IP limit disconnect bug
- Added IP limit 1 in Survival Arena
- Low level trade pets reduced Invetory size to 33 slots
- Behemoth increased HP to 847770, Dark lizard to 423888, Elephant to 1383225
- Behemoth, Dark Lizard , Elephant now req. 130lv
- Elephant added to Item Mall
- Improved job anti cheat system.
- Fixed Muhan uniques respawn
- Removed Christmas event&decoration
- Increased recovery HP kit stack to 500
- Added avatar Celestial Knight
- Increased catacomb spawn rate


06.01.2017 Inspection changelog:

- Bard speed buff lv 6 up to 130% from 110%
- Waltz measure stun duration increased to 6s from 5s
- Sekhmet adv AC drop & zerk gain fixed
- Added last seen in guild at website
- Removed EP for reached 130lv
- Reset Guild GP
- Blue premium removed
- Fixed IP limit system [under test]
- Added anti job cheating system
- Increased slot amount to 1500


Server small inspection

Time: 06.01.2017 13:00 (Server Time)

Duration: 1-2 hours


Dear Legion sro players

Happy new year !

01.01.2017 ! Donate +100% more silks in same price !



2016-12-25 Donate event!!

Dear Legion SRO players,,,

server team wanna wish you a merry Christmass and giving you a Small donate event! :

25d 100% more silk for same price 26d   50% more silk for same price

we are hope all your dreams comes true

Legion Team


2016-12-19 Insepction changelog:

  • - Fixed delay Roque skill Berserker
  • - Added AC drop to Sekhmet
  • - Fixed strong uniques zerk gain
  • - Job Arena fixed move bug before start
  • - Added Christmas decoration & music
  • - Added Special job suits that can be upgradable by Suit upgrade scroll
    Suits able to buy at Website (User panel -> Shop)
    Scrolls able to buy in game (LegionShop)
  • - Hell crazy explosion increased Phy.pwr to 340%, reduced Hp consume to 10%
  • - Increased Job Gold reward +50%
  • - Added Christmas Event (in random places spawns Event monsters, that drop Blue or Red socks. You must collect both then you can exchange it in so-ok for nice rewards)
  • - Reduced price of AC in Webshop, now its 5AC for 1EP
  • - Fixed spawn Titan monsters
  • - Added 3 avatars (Ghost capitan,Halloween 2012,Steampunk)
  • - Warlock skill fix: Advanced Reflect L 5 - % adjusted, Damage Return Ratio 90% -> 145%
  • - Guild GP reseted
  • - Added Daily Job Ranking. Reward (1st place: 50 EP. 2nd: 40ep, 3rd 30ep 4-10: 10ep)

2016-11-24 Inspection changelog:

  • Job Arena now its required 6(Traders/Hunters) vs 6 (Thieves) to start. 
  • Ghost grab pet now its tradable.
  • Some quest items now albe sell into NPC.
  • Fixed few HWT uniques drops.
  • Apis respawn set to every 1 hour.
  • Added notice to Pvp zone 1 about to high level.
  • Blocked using zerk scroll outside FW
  • Red scourge wings now flying
  • Changed Soul Spear - Emptiness animation.
  • Performance optimization
  • Skills balance (more info...)


Dear players,
We are sorry for twice times today server offline, we working on improve network stability with our server provider.
Please be patient.

Server inspection completed. We back to 1k slots, soon we'll improve performance then increase amount of slots.

Inspection completed. We increased slot amount to 2000.

Dear Players! Tomorow 10.11.2016 9.00am (local server time) Server and website will be OFF for 3/4h , we will change dedicated server to more powerfull.

31-01-2016 Update

Job arena:
- Disabled zerk
- Added 10 sec defense buff after die
- Fixed teleport saving (against cant move bug) [under test]
- Set more delay between teleporting (To prevent disconnecting while teleport back to town) [under test]
- Fixed Title "Grim Reaper" for Top killer

- Added new item GOD Bless without effects (Wings&Fire)
- Added D14/D15 lucky powders to another towns
- Increased union chat limit to 24
- Fixed gold/exp reward for Hunter
- Increased Job Rate
- Removed Job penalty - You must do relog after leave.
- Improved Filter DB connection to reduce disconnects amounts
- Fixed Web Shop
- Reduced price of Immortal stone D15 to 100silks
- Added Halloween event
In random places, will spawn Pumpkins. Pumpkins drop Candy that you can exchange in So-ok to nice reward.


- Changed Warrior / Roque skill effects.
- Added Cooldown for Warrior/Roque/Smashing Bicheon/ Skills
- Last Strong bow Stun duration reduce form 8s to 6s

- Added:
Roque Beast Mask up to 8lv
Cleric integrity up to 8lv
Holy Spell up to 7lv
Heaven Glare up to 7lv
Cure Therapy - Heaven up to 6lv
Cure Therapy - Clarity up to 6lv

Added 4 avatars (Blue soul knight,arabian,red scourge,viking )



  • Improved !removeticket command (added sp ticket etc.)
  • Added new Job Arena Event [BETA Version]. We make guide soon. It's staring 21 Server Time everyday
  • New Daily title for Top killer at Job Arena (Grim Reaper)
  • Fixed CH skills
  • Fixed Alchemy event points counting
  • Disabled logout while using trade pet
  • Disabled Zerk potion at FW


- Fixed Fortress NPC
- You can register at FW, sunday to 18:00
- Added command to remove gold ticket, type in general chat: !removeticket


Our hosting provider have some problem with network filtering, that's why you getting disconnected. We are sorry, please be patient. They working on it.


- Added new purification pills
- Added new universal pills
- Fixed Wizzard cooldown bug
- Fixed Cleric bless shield 17lv
- Fixed Damage scroll & Defense scroll
- New titles for weekly job ranking (Thief Master,Bodyguard,Dealer)
- New title for weekly unique raning (Unique slayer)
- Added Survival II map. Same as Survival I
- Removed Earth unique spawn near DH Cave


- New vote system: Vote every link then type !vote in game general chat (You must use same ip to vote as in-game)

- Fixed Job anti cheat system

- New title for best player on CTF


- Prevention Speed bug , after use ds/scud/zerk you must terminate fellow pet
- Added Title system, type in General chat !titles to see your titles.
- Fixed CTF time register
- Guilds GP reset to 0
- Roc slayer title for a roc killer
- Alchemic title for a daily Alchemy Event winner
- Arena coin price reduced to 250m
- Final gender switch tool 13-14-15d


- Fixed max lv crash
- Shaytan dress now walking
- Fixed wizzard cooldown bug "Hellforge"
- Fellows pet max lv increased to 140
- Disabled mount fellow while you are using zerk/ds/scud
- Disabled muhan,catacomb,survival teleports with trade pet
- Changed yellow titles to default
- Fixed cards drop rate at fgw
- Roc fixed
- GP overlimit fixed
- Alchemy Event (30 min) start automatic every day about 19
- Improved server stability


- Fixed Styria drops
- Fixed teleports
- Pvp arena 1 level limit 120
- Improved Bot detection system
- Added Scrolls Skils/Stats reset
- Fixed unstuck area pet terminate
- Fixed ROC
- Lost styria Keys added to users storage
- Changed glow effect
- Fixed unique AC drops
- Disabed BOT in some areas (Muhan,Jupiter rooms) you'll disconnected if you are using a bot
- Added new alchemy hour event, more info soon.
- New unstuck area ( Dont use unstuck when you are under Job with trade pet)!
- Fixed Angel Spirit Effect
- Added Arena drop to Soso Titan
- Added FGW -> Portal available in Shop Website and IM
- Fgw monsters drop AC, uniques 10xAC + cards.
- Added new mastery Legion with new passive skills Marks
- Added scroll to upgrade Marks skills for Collected cards in fgw book
- Black wings/God bless now its tradable
- Removed evil and other coins
- Every account with character 130+ received 50 EP
- Character that reach 130 lv receive 50EP
- Fixed trade protection. (cant pickup goods inside town)
- Changed job rates, Thieves now receive more gold.
- Arena coins cost increased to 300m
- Added Coins drop to Job Temple uniques.
- Fixed Mirror Teleport
- New Launcher
- Plus Limit its 18. (not included adv)
Client update.
- Fixed 15dg legs
- Fixed 135lv exp
- D13 stone names added.
- Dark lizard now its possible to use.
To apply update just need restart client.

Server Inspection Completed
- reduced server lags
- 132lv monsters moved to new area.
We changed our host.If you cant connect, download new media.pk2: .... DOWNLOAD
  • New dedicated server IP:
  • Added new Catacomb areas
  • New area with 132lv monsters.
  • Added protection against using Item upgrader scrolls
  • Fixed D8 CH weapons auto equipment

Server stats

Players: 824/1500

Total accounts: 67833

Total characters: 119425

Server Time: 00:47:12

Today schedule

Anubis & Isis start in:
Haroeris & Seth start in:
Selkis & Neith start in:

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