Tax: 20%

Tax: 20%

Tax: 20%
x 100 x 100 x 20



  • Improved !removeticket command (added sp ticket etc.)
  • Added new Job Arena Event [BETA Version]. We make guide soon. It's staring 21 Server Time everyday
  • New Daily title for Top killer at Job Arena (Grim Reaper)
  • Fixed CH skills
  • Fixed Alchemy event points counting
  • Disabled logout while using trade pet
  • Disabled Zerk potion at FW


- Fixed Fortress NPC
- You can register at FW, sunday to 18:00
- Added command to remove gold ticket, type in general chat: !removeticket


Our hosting provider have some problem with network filtering, that's why you getting disconnected. We are sorry, please be patient. They working on it.


- Added new purification pills
- Added new universal pills
- Fixed Wizzard cooldown bug
- Fixed Cleric bless shield 17lv
- Fixed Damage scroll & Defense scroll
- New titles for weekly job ranking (Thief Master,Bodyguard,Dealer)
- New title for weekly unique raning (Unique slayer)
- Added Survival II map. Same as Survival I
- Removed Earth unique spawn near DH Cave


- New vote system: Vote every link then type !vote in game general chat (You must use same ip to vote as in-game)

- Fixed Job anti cheat system

- New title for best player on CTF


- Prevention Speed bug , after use ds/scud/zerk you must terminate fellow pet
- Added Title system, type in General chat !titles to see your titles.
- Fixed CTF time register
- Guilds GP reset to 0
- Roc slayer title for a roc killer
- Alchemic title for a daily Alchemy Event winner
- Arena coin price reduced to 250m
- Final gender switch tool 13-14-15d


- Fixed max lv crash
- Shaytan dress now walking
- Fixed wizzard cooldown bug "Hellforge"
- Fellows pet max lv increased to 140
- Disabled mount fellow while you are using zerk/ds/scud
- Disabled muhan,catacomb,survival teleports with trade pet
- Changed yellow titles to default
- Fixed cards drop rate at fgw
- Roc fixed
- GP overlimit fixed
- Alchemy Event (30 min) start automatic every day about 19
- Improved server stability


- Fixed Styria drops
- Fixed teleports
- Pvp arena 1 level limit 120
- Improved Bot detection system
- Added Scrolls Skils/Stats reset
- Fixed unstuck area pet terminate
- Fixed ROC
- Lost styria Keys added to users storage
- Changed glow effect
- Fixed unique AC drops
- Disabed BOT in some areas (Muhan,Jupiter rooms) you'll disconnected if you are using a bot
- Added new alchemy hour event, more info soon.
- New unstuck area ( Dont use unstuck when you are under Job with trade pet)!
- Fixed Angel Spirit Effect
- Added Arena drop to Soso Titan
- Added FGW -> Portal available in Shop Website and IM
- Fgw monsters drop AC, uniques 10xAC + cards.
- Added new mastery Legion with new passive skills Marks
- Added scroll to upgrade Marks skills for Collected cards in fgw book
- Black wings/God bless now its tradable
- Removed evil and other coins
- Every account with character 130+ received 50 EP
- Character that reach 130 lv receive 50EP
- Fixed trade protection. (cant pickup goods inside town)
- Changed job rates, Thieves now receive more gold.
- Arena coins cost increased to 300m
- Added Coins drop to Job Temple uniques.
- Fixed Mirror Teleport
- New Launcher
- Plus Limit its 18. (not included adv)
Client update.
- Fixed 15dg legs
- Fixed 135lv exp
- D13 stone names added.
- Dark lizard now its possible to use.
To apply update just need restart client.

Server Inspection Completed
- reduced server lags
- 132lv monsters moved to new area.
We changed our host.If you cant connect, download new media.pk2: .... DOWNLOAD
  • New dedicated server IP:
  • Added new Catacomb areas
  • New area with 132lv monsters.
  • Added protection against using Item upgrader scrolls
  • Fixed D8 CH weapons auto equipment

Server stats

Players: 575/1000

Total accounts: 17245

Total characters: 26997

Server Time: 09:40:35

Today schedule

Haroeris & Seth start in:
Captrue the flag start in:
Selkis & Neith start in:

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