Tax: 20%

Tax: 20%

Tax: 20%
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  1. you are not allowed to harass, curse, threaten or be racist against anyone. This includes character, pet and guild names.
  2. You will follow the instructions of GMs while in the game!
  3. Characters with names that are not allowed (obscene, offensive, GM, GMA, EM, Admin, Mod, Moderator) will be deleted.
  4. You will not attempt to interfere with or hack into our servers or our website.
  5. You are not allowed to pretend to be a GM or any workers of the Silkroad company, violation of this rule is a permanent ban.
  6. It is not your duty to enforce the rules of Legion, the in game GMs will do that job. However, if you notice any violations of these rules, you must contact the GM. When contacting GMs, you are not allowed to harass or threaten GMs for any cause.
  7. Do NOT share your account info with anyone else, we are not responsible for hacking of accounts if you share your info.
  8. If you insult any team member (GMs, EMs,Supporter,etc.), immediate ban is your reward.
  9. We know Silkroad is not a perfect game, there are quite a lot of bugs. However, if you see a bug, do not abuse it, instead, you should report the bug immediately and we will fix it as soon as possible.
  10. Donated money is not given back
  11. We not giving,not selling and not change any ingame items , not making power leveling
  12. Do not openly (for example, using globals) insult, harass, or threaten any in game members, this is a violation of our chat etiquette. You may not use harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive language!
  13. Do not use PMs to lie, or plan to harass others with friends. We're trying to build a friendly community that's suitable for everyone.
  14. GMs will NEVER ask for your ID or password and other account infomation. If you give your info to a GM or any player, it's not our responsibility that you get hacked.
  15. You are not allowed to abuse bugs in game for duplicating or making money, gears/items, or power leveling. If you were caught doing so, your character may be rolled back, deleted, and worst cases your account will be frozen.
  16. You are not allowed to spam in any chat window (PM/all chat) to any normal players/GMs/EMs in any situations
  17. If GMs/EMs make separated events like Summoning Events for Euro chars & Chinese chars on different places, please come to the event according to your character type. If you have Chinese char then you must go to Chinese's side (Chinese Summoning Event), if you have Euro char then you must go to Euro's side(Euro Summoning Event). You could be kicked or banned if you violate this rule.
  18. Do not use multiple chars to earn arena coins at CTF.
  19. Using Speed Pet Bug in any Hide&Seek Events is highly forbidden.
  20. You are not allowed to advertise any website, service or pornography/racist/fascist content ingame or on our facebook page. If you do, you will be banned.
  21. If you violate rules or act not to our liking, we have full rights to permanently banish your account from silkroad rendering you unable to ever play.
  22. Because we cannot guarantee our servers to be perfect, we apologize for any inconvenience from it including lags or dc. We however, are not responsible for your loss when such events occur.
  23. All the rules above are made by us and we reserve the right to modify and change them anytime we wish. It is the player's responsibility to always check to see the changes to avoid violating them.
  24. If you notice someone cheating, you may report him/her to our GMs (both screenshot and description will be required!)
  25. We are not giving back scammed items. It is your responsibility to use an EM/GM/Supporter as a middle-man for a trade.

Server stats

Players: 1157/1500

Total accounts: 33849

Total characters: 54668

Server Time: 08:59:17

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