Tax: 20%

Tax: 20%

Tax: 20%
x 100 x 100 x 20



Server inspection 20.09.2018

Time: 20.09.2018 22:00

Duration: 2 hours



Server inspection 23.08.2018

- Spawn trade pet require HWID
- You can use only one character in job mode
- Added Legion Weapons
- Fixed Gender Switcher for Legion Sets
- Rebuild Gold Coins calculate system
- Fixed Speed buff usage during Wanted buff


19.07.2018 Changelog

- Added "Legion set "
- Incresed Job reward rates
- Added Hwid detection (make sure that you have Legion.dll in sro folder)
*Protected with Virtual Mashine detection
*Protected with Debuger detection
- Aded new "Wanted System " (Beta version more information in forum)
*Aded new ranking for wanted exp based on your Job activity (selling goods/killing players/thieves)
*Wanted exp reset every day (00:00 server time)
*Added New trans pet for Wanted status only
*Added New buffs for wanted + effects
*Wanted buff works only with job suit


18.06.2018 Changelog :

- Added new Fellow pet "Dark Tiger"
- Added new Dark Glow
- Added glow remover
- Fixed EU shield golden glow effect
- Fixed darkstaff gloden glow name
- Fixed female creed hat name
- Starter grab pet now is not tradable
- Fortress war time back to 19:00
- Removed negative GP
- Added medal effect for supporters/gm's
- Prepared files for upcoming update




Fortress war time changed to 21:30 Server time for 4 weeks

becouse of ramadan  


13.05.2018 Changelog:

- Added new avatar (Preview)
- Added new premium glow (Golden blood)
- Changed default glow
- Fixed Trader pick goods bug
- Fixed Autoequipment eu shield
- Black dragon unique title drop fixed


Server inspection 13.05.2018

Time: 13.05.2018 23:00

Duration: 2 hours


Dear players,,

As you all know we have sad notice ... Gm Gurma choose to Leave Legion ,

so we all wanna say thankyou last time, and wish best of luck in life.

But ewerything keeps going and we still work with server to make mutch fun for you all , new things coming soon ,mutch adds and mutch fun ...

Also 4 supporters wanted to joyn us and help us make server better if you think youre best know ewerything here pm in game Kate or Carni to introduce yourself and maby we will choose you !! 

good luck and have a nice day !!


Server inspection 25.04

- Fixed 1* Star selling Thieves
- Add Prison for GM's, you can be moved to prison for X time and cant left
- Added new Grab Pet Pharaoh Dog
- Reduced warrior reflection
- Fixed reach level achivement
- Fixed zerk cooldown after teleport
- Increased Exchange limit cooldown
- Fix FTW reward schedule (rewards set as Monday 00:00)
- Removed Easter Event and Rabbits
- Removed Easter Avatars

Server inspection 25.04.2018

Time: 25.04.2018 23:00

Duration: 1 - 2 hours


Server back online

Easter Donate event

01.04 00:00 -> 23:59 +100% more in same price

02.04 00:00 -> 23:59 +50% more in same price

Server inspection 01.04

- Added Kangaroo Boxer unique ( This monster can be attack only with hands)
- Added new Skill Punch (This skill can be use only for Kangaroo Boxer)
- Kangaroo spawn in different places every 4 hours , you need find and kill by hands and punch skill
- Kangaroo Boxer drop Letters 50 AC and Boxer Title
- Added Boxer Title for 1 day
- Added Rabbit monsters that drop letters (random spawn)
- Letters can be exchanged in SO-OK
- added new avatar EASTER ( possible to recive from SO-OK by exchange letters) This avatar will be deleted after event


Server inscpection 31.03

Time: 31.03 22:00 Server Time

Duration: 1 - 2 hours


Server inscpection 24.03

- Fixed missing skill effects
- Removed Seth skills (under test / disappear bug)
- Removed Christmas decoration from login screen
- Contribution exchganed to GC now will be reset every day 00:00 Server time ( dont forgot about exchange it)

- Reset Fortress structure


Server inspection 13.02

Time: 23:00

Duration: ~1hour

05.02 Inspection changelog

- Added new Fellow pet
- Added Titles for PVP Event
- Added "Dark Knight" for 3days title (new unique drop)
- Added New unique "Black Dragon" Spwan in Bandit's Mountain Stronghold everyday about 15:00, after die this unique spawn Thieves and Hunters that can drop Gold Coins
- Guild GP reset
- Removed Blue dragon spawn
- Set IP limit 1 for Styria

Server stats

Players: 1002/2000

Total accounts: 102707

Total characters: 183141

Server Time: 05:20:59

Today schedule

Captrue the flag start in:
Anubis & Isis start in:
Selkis & Neith start in: