x 100 x 100 x 20



Server inspection 

Time: 30.06.2022 22:00 (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~3 hours


Changelog 14.04.2022

  • -Unions are enabled
  • -Added Scarlet Avatar
  • -Added new skin Purple&Black
  • -Attack/Fellow pets are disabled in Fort map
  • -Easter buff event available in Legion Quest Manager
  • -Easter event: About 17:00 Server Time Rabbits uniques spawn in random places of whole world map, drop: Easter Box
  • -Fixed Job suits socket disconnecting bug
  • -Alexandria goods route opened
  • -Autoequipment items now are up to dg 12 inestad dg 10
  • -Added Gorilla attack pet


Server inspection 

Time: 14.04.2022 22:00 (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~2 hours


03.04.2022 Changelog:

- Added new Glow Purple&Black
- Added Devil glow with new skin
- Addidtional deathmatch event reward: everyone who collect at least 10 kills "Bronze Deathmatch Box" , Top 3 "Silver Deathmatch Box"
- Job points now possible exchange to Gold Coins in game (Legion Menu)
- Ramadan Quest , available in Legion Quest Manager (Hotan), after finish quest you will
- receive Ramadan Buff with same parameters as Valentine buff, quest is possible do finish daily, the buff is removed on the end of day(00:00 server time)
- Unions now are disabled
- Guilds maximum members reduced to 32
- Hotan Fortress opened and Constantinople Fortress closed.
- Fortress war time Sunday 21:00 


Server inspection 

Time: 03.04.2022 7:00 (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~2 hours


10.02.2022 Changelog:

- Item linking feature (Lctrl + Rmouse)
- Firestorm with new skin glow
- Deathmatch reward
1 st kill +10 EP , next kill +3EP ( Max 40EP)
Bonus: 1st place +30EP & Title , 2nd place +20EP , 3rd place +10EP
- New 2 avatars: dragonid and plaguemaster
- Grap pet invetory expander and remover (for older sbot version that doesnt support more than 1page)
- Items power comparison feature (just click alt and hover on item)
- Added new feature for reverse scroll, teleporting to guild members and party members 


Server inspection 

Time: 09.02.2022 22:00 (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~3 hours


Christmass donate event 50% more legion points :

Start : 2021.12.24 23.59pm

End : 2021.12.26 23.59pm

Marry christmass !!

24.12.2021 Changelog:

- Added permament buffs for chinese

- New avatars Mage and Warsenator

- New weapons skin

- Unique logs window

- Deathmatch event (start everyday 12:00 and 22:00), you have 10 minutes to reister in Legion Menu -> Events. Remember stay in town side unitil event start

- White knight and Princess uniques spawn in whole open-world map. In Legion Quest Manager you will obtain quest that give you rare Princess/white knight grab pet

- CTF reward for winner team 30 Trophy

- Now you can use all of 4 pages in grab pets





Server inspection 

Time: 23.12.2021 22:00 (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~3 hours


Heloween donate event 50% more legion points :

Start : 2021.10.30 23.59pm

End : 2021.11.01 23.59pm

Happy Heloween !!


27.10.2021 Changelog

Added DMG meter for killed uniques

- Added Shop in Legion Menu

Added Shinigami & Bikini armor avatars

- Zerk using in job deatmach now is allowed

- Fixed Red Dragon max level

Fixed fellows pets speed bug

- Added Halloween pumpkins event 


Server inspection 

Time: 27.10.2021 22:00 (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~3 hours

Don't forget to take your items from grab pets before inspection !



27.08.2021 Changelog

Added new glow Energy

- Added new glow Pink

- Increased stack stones/elixirs up to 10000

- Increased stack zerk potions up to 50

- Decreased fgw 3* and 4* price to 50 lp / 50 ep

- Added new avatar Azure

- Increased fgw 3* and 4* Cards , gc, special box drop rates


Server inspection 

Time: 27.08.2021 7:00 (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~2 hours


21.07.2021 Changelog

- Increased stack of consumables (Hp,Vigor,Pills etc.) up to 5000
- Added Grant name change feature to Legion Menu
- New fellow pet Lion
- New Flag +9 str & +9 int added to special box and Legion NPC
- Constantinople fortress
- Every new/old grab pet now have 4 pages of inventory
- FGW 1*/2*/3* Cards drop increased
- Newbie quest decreased difficulty level
- Newbie items power upgrade to D15 sun
- Vote for silks reward increased from 15 to 25 per day
- Job temple AP button disconnecting fix


Server inspection 

Time: 21.07.2021 21:00 (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~5 hours


09.06.2021 Changelog:

- Increase Attack pets defense and attack power
- Every monster in mirror dimension now drop D13 items/stones
- New Trade Route Event 17 server time
- Thieves cant teleport while using trade pets
- White Elephand/Dark Lizard/Dino / Dark horse health incrased to 5m
- Added Super scroll Evasion & Accuraccy to NPC
- Added Hero Devil Gender changer
- Increased Arena Coin stack to 5000,Purification pill to 1000
- Added box with included over 40 New titles
- Added delay for reverse scroll using under job mode
- Added few days premium for newbie players
- New PVP Master Buff, possible to win in events
- New Spirit assault with stun for Roque/Warrior build
- New avatar Salanabder
- New fellow pet Cyber
- New Buff scroll Swords of the Legion available in Legion Shop
- All skills in Job Deathmatch event now are allowed
- New achievement "Kill one of Job deathmatch unique"
- Job Deathmatch uniques drop changed to (Styria key,Special Box,Title Legend,Copper Coin)
- Fixed Socket bug, no more disconnect between switch weapon

Server inspection 

Time: 09.06.2021 22:00 (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~3/4 hours


Easter donate event 100% more legion points:

Start : 2021.04.03 23.59pm

End : 2021.04.04 23.59pm

Easter donate event 50% more legion points :

Start : 2021.04.04 23.59pm

End : 2021.04.05 23.59pm


Server stats

Players: 1290/3000

Total accounts: 223191

Total characters: 414085

Server Time: 09:25:17