x 100 x 100 x 20


Changelog 03.07.2024:

- New quick slot bar saving after remove and crash fixes

- Increased Thieves wanted points by selling goods

- Remove Poseidon Glow from Legion Shop

Server inspection 

Time:03.07.2024 22:00 PM (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~30 minutes


Changelog 10.06.2024:

- Add second QuickBar slot, more slots  for skills, items etc.
- We disabled Iron&Mana Skin in Deathmatch to make fight more balanced
- On using upgrade scrolls and glows scrolls you have to confirm it in window
- Added new Glow Poseidon, limited sale avaiable till: 2.07.2024
- Added new zone to events. Limited to one character
- Removed  drop Arrows, return scrolls, materials etc. for all monsters 135lv +
- Updated intro login screen
- Updated Legion logo in login screen
- Improvement object detecting, to some bugs like Tower Defense missing towers after start, fixed job unique attack without suit
- Fixed Elementary uniques missing Arena coins drop
- Add new Cao Xujun Attack pet avaiable in Legion NPC
- Add new Magic book Grab pet avaiable in Legion NPC
- Special Flag now are impossible sell to npc
- Add preview feature for pets in Legion Npc
- Some Stability & performance improvments
- Cenky now is Game Master


Server inspection 

Time:10.06.2024 21:00 PM (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~3 hours

Server inspection 

Time:24.04.2024 22:00 PM (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~30 minutes



Changelog 29.03.2024

- Added Frozen Viking avatar
- Added Frozen Skin Glow ( available till 24.04.2024)
- Added Ares Glow ( available till 24.04.2024)
- Balanced Bicheon/Pacheon skills
- Add Easter event:
    - Drop Eggs from Easter Rabbit Monsters spawn in open world map
    - Exchange eggs with So-ok to obtain Easter box reward
    - New Easter Honor achievement
- Using bot in Towers Defense is forbbiden. If start training you will kicked out

Server inspection 

Time:29.03.2024 11:00 AM (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~3 hours


Server inspection 

Time:29.02.2024 21:00 PM (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~30 minutes


13.02.2024 Changelog:

- Added Glow Rose ( available till: 28.02.2024)
- Added Glow Skin Yellow ( available till: 28.02.2024)
- Removed Christmas monsters & decoration
- New feature auto skill & mastery learn
- Guild names are visibile in job now
- Reduced "Ultimate Smash" Fear chance and increased skill cooldown
- Life Control cast time reduced
- Towerd Defense added schedule about 2 AM
- Closed Hotan Fortress
- Opened Bandit & Constantinople Fortress
- Rebuild Honor Achiovements system:
    - We added interface to preview Honor statistics in Legion panel
    - New Silver Honor Buff for 7days (+ 5Str/int + 2% dmg)
    - Gold Honor reset now every 14 days
    - Valentine 2024 with Buff ( +5000 HP/MP , +2% Luck)


Server inspection 

Time:13.02.2024 22:00 PM (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~3 hours



With this post we want to announce our Christmass-Donate-Event. Event Start: 25.12.2023 - 10:00 Servertime

Event End: 27.12.2023 - 10:00 Servertime

+50% Legion Points (Silk) for every Donation! Have fun and enjoy Legion Online


Changelog 23.12.2023

- Hidden Magic orb by default. Its possible to open by click magic orb icon near
- Preview glow/avatars doesnt require alt press anymore, only mouse right click
- Add Christmas Rudolph spawns in whole open world map. Drop santa bags possible to exchange in so-ok
- Added snowball skill (It will be removed after event finish)
- Added Frozen glow, limited sale to 08.01.2024
- Disabled in Tower Defense : Body Blessing, Body Deity, Soul Blessing, Soul Deity
- Towers Defense: improve AFK detect
- Add CTF/BA Afk detect feature
- Disable chatting in CTF/BA
- Trade Route Event: now npc theves lose health every few seconds
- Trade Route Event: duration time increased to 40 minutes
- China Imbules duration up to 15 sec
- Opened Special Goods
- Change Roc Slayer title to orange color
- Christmas decoration
- Elementary uniques drop 10 AC
- Fixed negative max level in Forming party window
- Add Santa Claus, spawn in random open world map places with notice contains continent name


Server inspection 

Time: 23.12.2023 9:00 AM (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~3 hours


Changelog 21.11.2023:

  • Battle Arena time changed 22:00 -> 20:00
  • All glows moved to LegionShop
  • Glow Name in Weapon bubble description
  • Glow Preview Feature in Legion Shop (use CTRL + right mosue click on scroll in NPC)
  • Removed Halloween Monsters spawn
  • Removed Spider glow from Shop


Server inspection 

Time: 21.11.2023 23:00 (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~40 minuites


Server inspection 

Time: 02.11.2023 16:00 AM (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~30 minuites


31.10.2023 Changelog:

- Added new reward for refferal - Legion Grower title with green zerk
- Added teleport in Mirror Dimension to Jangan
- Added D13 Suns and D15 stones drop to monsters in Mirror Dimension
- Added Dmg metter for uniques
- Added teleport in NPC at the Kings Valley to Samarkand. In short thats mean new trade route Alexandria -> Samarkand trought Evil-road maze
- Added Irdescence X-Star avatar
- Added Spider Glow Egy A glow (limited sale till 20.11.2023)
- Added Item Inbox feature in game
- New Elementary quest with uniques
- Tower Defense
Afk detector improvment
New places for towers
Increased Towers HP
Increased Buffs power
- Improvments Emoij system
- Added Halloween Event ( collecting pumpkins - spawned in whole open world map)
- Fixed Job cave Seth attack skills and box spawn
- Limited to open only Thief or Trader/Hunter
- Achievemtnt for Honor Win 5 CTF reduced to Win 3 CTF
- Skill balance - Reduce warrior screens and bless time + new passive buff for Roque/Warrior build
- Add achievement Kill Seth
- Battle arena reward changed to 1BA token = random 30AC,20EP scroll, 10 EP scroll


Server inspection 

Time: 31.10.2023 9:00 AM (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~4 hours



With this post we want to announce our Halloween-Donate-Event. Event Start: 24.10.2023 - 10:00 Servertime

Event End: 25.10.2023 - 23:59 Servertime

+50% Legion Points (Silk) for every Donation! Have fun and enjoy Legion Online


Changelog 08.09.2023:

  • - Fixed Legion Menu Shop full inventory bug
  • - Fixed party join in DM event
  • - 9m HP trade pets reduced to 6m, and removed Thief/Trader pet restrictions, all have same speed
  • - Unique Schedule chaned date to 24h format
  • - Add Battle Arena AFK detect system
  • - Begginer Newbie Egy items now are instant +10
  • - Added notice when you're in bot prevention region
  • - Up new character Auto equipment from +6 to +10
  • - Fixed Attack pet 50% HP bug
  • - Changed required CTF 50 kills to 25 kills and 5 win achivement
  • - Added Golden Skin Glow
  • - Added Horus (Egy A looks) Glow - limited sale to 22.09.2023
  • - Added Glauca Snake Unique , respawn every 4h in whole open world
  • - Added Hell's Guardian Unique , STR & INT, spawn in Flame Tree map
  • - Added Flame Boss rarity orange title - reward for kill Hell's Guardian Unique
  • - Tower Defense:
    > Stay near own team towers giving defense buff
    > Added Stone of Power with power debuff to enemy team
  • - Added Klox Fellow pet
  • - Added Silverblack Fellow pet
  • - Added feature to preview avatar in Legion Npc ( right click on avatar icon)
  • - Opened Alexandria trade route


Server inspection 

Time: 07.09.2023 22:00 (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~3 hours


Changelog 12.07.2023:


Tower Defense Event:

Schedule: everyday 22:00 Server Time

Duration: 31 minutes

Register in Legion Event menu - remember stay in town before event run

Every player will join to random team Blue or Red.

Both teams have 2 Towers, you have to defend own team towers and destroy enemy towers.

  • Every enemy player killed you team receive 1 points
  • Every enemy tower destroyed you team recive 50 points

Team who collect most points WIN but,

if both towers are destroyed, you team lose

Every 5 minutes in center of map will spawn Stone of Power, team who destroy it will recive 50 seconds power up buff


  • winner team: 100EP + Silver Box
  • lose team: 30EP


 - Magic orb: 

fillup by

  • Catch Dancing Clown
  • Join in Tower Defense Event / Deathmatch Event


- Flowers system:

Powerup flower can be spawned on ground to get buff for whole party members, wroking only in open field zones. Possible to buy in Legion Menu Shop with EP currency


- Special Flags:

 We added +9 Flag upgrader to Special Flag in Legion Menu Shop and Special flag upgrade to Legion NPC Shop

max upgrade level: 3


- Added Raccoon Dog attack pet

- Added Dark Janissary avatar

- Arena Coin stackable up to 10000


Server inspection 

Time: 12.07.2023 21:00 (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~4 hours


Changelog 08.04.2023:

- Removed Valentine event
- Add Easter event
- New notcie system for catch npc event
- New unique Behemoth possbile to attack only in job mode - spawn 9am + 10pm in Jangan outside
- ReCaptcha for goods ordering in job mode
- Add Yellow glow, limited sale until 15.04.2023
- New Icons:
Hunter for 3 days - kill 5 uniques in 1 day
White Skull for 1 day - kill player in job mode
Blue Helemt for 1 day - complete daily achivements
Golden Helmet for 7 days - complete weekly achivements


Server inspection 

Time: 08.04.2023 10:00 (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~3 hours


14.02 Changelog:

Added avatar Attuma Dress

- Added avatar Blazing Scarecrow

- Removed Snow event

- Added Valentine event - Valentine buff after full Heart.

Heart icon fill up by

  • catch Dancing Clown like Santa Girl
  • after other player use on you kiss skill ( available in Legion mastery )

- We added Character icons feature, icons possible to get:

  • After fillup Valentine Heart Icon
  • By slay Roc and Black Dragon
  • By win Deathmatch


Server inspection 

Time: 13.02.2023 23:00 (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~3 hours

Christmas donate event 50% more legion points :

Start : 2022.12.24 23.59pm

End : 2022.12.26 23.59pm

Marry christmass !!


23.12 Changelog:

- Discord status update

- Add Skin Energy glow
- Alexandria Trader Shop closed
- Reduce speed of trade pets
- Increase amount of lose wanted points on die
- Guard Tambour & Mana Tambout up to 25%
- Dancing of Fight & Danicing of Wizardy up to 35%
- Decrease Healing Cyce casting time
- Holy Bless disabled at deathmatch
- Traders now cant use Thieves pets

- Super Item upgrader & Legion Upgrade scroll are now stackable and not require teleporting

 - Christmas Event:

You have collect snow points, when it go full blue you will go buffed for 24 hours.

How i can get snow points?

- By killing Rudolph in random places, they're drop Santa bags - possible to exchange with So-ok = 5 point

- By hunt Santa Claus (Karakoram spawn) unique (It will spawn about 14 / 20 / 00 / 4 / 8 server time

every day) = 25 points

- By playing with Santa Girl , she will appear in towns between 9/5/1/21/15 server time

, you have to find her and select = 50 points

u get the buff after collecting 100 point


Server inspection 

Time: 23.12.2022 7:00 (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~3 hours


31.10 Changelog:

- Negative GP points fix
- EP scroll now are stackable and usable without tp
- Upgrade Scroll (D13 sun - D14 sun) now are stackable and usable without tp
- All same weapon in Deathmatch now looks same style
- PUMPKIN title (orange color) only to get from event after kill Dark Pumpkin Unique
- In Halloween Event you have to find&destroy pumpkins on whole world map. Collected pumpkins can be exchanged in so-ok
- New Halloween Pumpkin Avatar that its only possible to get from so-ok
- Auto trade is disabled for selling/buying goods
- Union limit changed up to 3
- Added Grun Glow with new Skin
- Added Purple Dark glow
- Weekly Achivements require win 2 times ctf
- We added Emoij icons in game chat
- Switching titles in menu not require teleport
- Ghost hunting spawn fixes


Server inspection 

Time: 30.10.2022 23:00 (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~4 hours


Changelog 01.09.2022:
- Disabled open stall outside towns
- Reduce trader/thieves npc monsters amount spawn
- Fixed God's Word, Reflect skills
- new avatar Rex Gladiorum
- new avatar Rowan&Lianna
- Thunderbolt glow with new skin
- Dark glow with new skin
- Opened Bandit fortress
- Trade event now start everyday about 6:00,12:00,18:00
- Job deathmatch event now start everyday about 5:00,19:00
- Deathmatch (all vs all) now start everyday about 4:00,21:00



Server inspection 

Time: 01.09.2022 22:00 (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~2 hours


Changelog 30.06.2022

  • - Added new avatars:
    Witch Hunter
    Glory League
    Golden Pharaoh
  • - Added new skin with sky glow
  • - Trade pets HP increase up to 9m
  • - Ferry teleport are closed for Thieves
  • - Trade pet drop goods after close game/ disconnect
  • - Party/Guild reverse disabled in job mode
  • - Disabled bot in FGW and HWT
  • - Sky map limited to 1 character
  • - Invsion event - now zombie monsters will disappear when event finish
  • - Added Fortress kill counter
  • - Deathmatch iron&mana skin buff disabled
  • - Job Deathmatch - now you can teleport into druing event
    Skills balance
  • - Ghost hunting event, about 16:00 ghost monsters will spawn on whole open map, you have 1 hour to find and kills, after 1h all monsters disappear. Ghosts drop can Copper coins


Server inspection 

Time: 30.06.2022 22:00 (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~3 hours


Changelog 14.04.2022

  • -Unions are enabled
  • -Added Scarlet Avatar
  • -Added new skin Purple&Black
  • -Attack/Fellow pets are disabled in Fort map
  • -Easter buff event available in Legion Quest Manager
  • -Easter event: About 17:00 Server Time Rabbits uniques spawn in random places of whole world map, drop: Easter Box
  • -Fixed Job suits socket disconnecting bug
  • -Alexandria goods route opened
  • -Autoequipment items now are up to dg 12 inestad dg 10
  • -Added Gorilla attack pet


Server inspection 

Time: 14.04.2022 22:00 (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~2 hours


03.04.2022 Changelog:

- Added new Glow Purple&Black
- Added Devil glow with new skin
- Addidtional deathmatch event reward: everyone who collect at least 10 kills "Bronze Deathmatch Box" , Top 3 "Silver Deathmatch Box"
- Job points now possible exchange to Gold Coins in game (Legion Menu)
- Ramadan Quest , available in Legion Quest Manager (Hotan), after finish quest you will
- receive Ramadan Buff with same parameters as Valentine buff, quest is possible do finish daily, the buff is removed on the end of day(00:00 server time)
- Unions now are disabled
- Guilds maximum members reduced to 32
- Hotan Fortress opened and Constantinople Fortress closed.
- Fortress war time Sunday 21:00 


Server inspection 

Time: 03.04.2022 7:00 (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~2 hours


10.02.2022 Changelog:

- Item linking feature (Lctrl + Rmouse)
- Firestorm with new skin glow
- Deathmatch reward
1 st kill +10 EP , next kill +3EP ( Max 40EP)
Bonus: 1st place +30EP & Title , 2nd place +20EP , 3rd place +10EP
- New 2 avatars: dragonid and plaguemaster
- Grap pet invetory expander and remover (for older sbot version that doesnt support more than 1page)
- Items power comparison feature (just click alt and hover on item)
- Added new feature for reverse scroll, teleporting to guild members and party members 


Server inspection 

Time: 09.02.2022 22:00 (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~3 hours


Christmass donate event 50% more legion points :

Start : 2021.12.24 23.59pm

End : 2021.12.26 23.59pm

Marry christmass !!

24.12.2021 Changelog:

- Added permament buffs for chinese

- New avatars Mage and Warsenator

- New weapons skin

- Unique logs window

- Deathmatch event (start everyday 12:00 and 22:00), you have 10 minutes to reister in Legion Menu -> Events. Remember stay in town side unitil event start

- White knight and Princess uniques spawn in whole open-world map. In Legion Quest Manager you will obtain quest that give you rare Princess/white knight grab pet

- CTF reward for winner team 30 Trophy

- Now you can use all of 4 pages in grab pets





Server inspection 

Time: 23.12.2021 22:00 (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~3 hours


Heloween donate event 50% more legion points :

Start : 2021.10.30 23.59pm

End : 2021.11.01 23.59pm

Happy Heloween !!


27.10.2021 Changelog

Added DMG meter for killed uniques

- Added Shop in Legion Menu

Added Shinigami & Bikini armor avatars

- Zerk using in job deatmach now is allowed

- Fixed Red Dragon max level

Fixed fellows pets speed bug

- Added Halloween pumpkins event 


Server inspection 

Time: 27.10.2021 22:00 (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~3 hours

Don't forget to take your items from grab pets before inspection !



27.08.2021 Changelog

Added new glow Energy

- Added new glow Pink

- Increased stack stones/elixirs up to 10000

- Increased stack zerk potions up to 50

- Decreased fgw 3* and 4* price to 50 lp / 50 ep

- Added new avatar Azure

- Increased fgw 3* and 4* Cards , gc, special box drop rates


Server inspection 

Time: 27.08.2021 7:00 (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~2 hours


21.07.2021 Changelog

- Increased stack of consumables (Hp,Vigor,Pills etc.) up to 5000
- Added Grant name change feature to Legion Menu
- New fellow pet Lion
- New Flag +9 str & +9 int added to special box and Legion NPC
- Constantinople fortress
- Every new/old grab pet now have 4 pages of inventory
- FGW 1*/2*/3* Cards drop increased
- Newbie quest decreased difficulty level
- Newbie items power upgrade to D15 sun
- Vote for silks reward increased from 15 to 25 per day
- Job temple AP button disconnecting fix


Server inspection 

Time: 21.07.2021 21:00 (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~5 hours


09.06.2021 Changelog:

- Increase Attack pets defense and attack power
- Every monster in mirror dimension now drop D13 items/stones
- New Trade Route Event 17 server time
- Thieves cant teleport while using trade pets
- White Elephand/Dark Lizard/Dino / Dark horse health incrased to 5m
- Added Super scroll Evasion & Accuraccy to NPC
- Added Hero Devil Gender changer
- Increased Arena Coin stack to 5000,Purification pill to 1000
- Added box with included over 40 New titles
- Added delay for reverse scroll using under job mode
- Added few days premium for newbie players
- New PVP Master Buff, possible to win in events
- New Spirit assault with stun for Roque/Warrior build
- New avatar Salanabder
- New fellow pet Cyber
- New Buff scroll Swords of the Legion available in Legion Shop
- All skills in Job Deathmatch event now are allowed
- New achievement "Kill one of Job deathmatch unique"
- Job Deathmatch uniques drop changed to (Styria key,Special Box,Title Legend,Copper Coin)
- Fixed Socket bug, no more disconnect between switch weapon

Server inspection 

Time: 09.06.2021 22:00 (Server Time)

Expected duration: ~3/4 hours


Easter donate event 100% more legion points:

Start : 2021.04.03 23.59pm

End : 2021.04.04 23.59pm

Easter donate event 50% more legion points :

Start : 2021.04.04 23.59pm

End : 2021.04.05 23.59pm


Server stats

Players: 1409/3000

Server Time: 12:21:54