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  1. You Are Not Allowed To Harass, Curse, Threaten Or Be Racist Against Anyone in globals, This Includes Character, Pet And Guild Names. We will ban your main.
  2. You will follow the instructions of gms and supporters.
  3. Characters with names that are not allowed (obscene, offensive, gm, supporters, admin, moderator) will be deleted.
  4. You will not attempt to interfere with or hack into our servers or our website.
  5. You are not allowed to impersonate GM or any other Legion worker.
  6. It is not your duty to enforce the rules of Legion, GMs will do that job. However, if you notice any violations of these rules, you must contact the GM. When contacting GMs, you are not allowed to harass or threaten GMs for any cause.
  7. You are not allowed to insult any Legion worker.
  8. Abusing bugs is not allowed
  9. Chargeback is prohibited
  10. We don�t sell anything but Legion points
  11. Using buffer characters to buff your main character while pvp/pk/job is not allowed you must (cap on/wear suit with this buffer character and stay outside any safe zone/towns). We will only accept reports that are clear enough, mains will be banned also.
  12. You are not allowed to spam in globals or in Legion workers pm.
  13. If GMs/EMs make separated events like Summoning Events for Euro chars & Chinese chars on different places, please come to the event according to your character type. If you have Chinese char then you must go to Chinese's side (Chinese Summoning Event), if you have Euro char then you must go to Euro's side(Euro Summoning Event). You could be kicked or banned if you violate this rule.
  14. You can join BA and CTF with only 1 character.
  15. Using speed pet bug is forbidden.
  16. You are not allowed to advertise any website, service or pornography/racist content ingame or on our facebook page.
  17. Because we cannot guarantee our servers to be perfect, we apologize for any inconvenience from it including lags or dc. We however, are not responsible for your loss when such events occur.
  18. If you notice someone cheating, you may report him/her to our GMs (both screenshot and description will be required!)
  19. We are not giving back scammed items. It is your responsibility to use an EM/GM/Supporter as a middle-man for a trade.
  20. Only english is allowed in globals unless you are (guild recruiting/members hiring) or you will get warned before get banned unless you were spamming.
  21. Joining FTW with more than 1 character is not allowed.
  22. Using 15Dg wep in low lvls unique events is not allowed
  23. Job cheating is not allowed + top 5 daily ranks on our website traders/hunters/thief's less than lvl 125 will be banned.
  24. You Can Open 6 Accounts at the same time
  25. Botting in unique spawn points is not allowed.
  26. Multivoting is not allowed.
  27. Selling/Buying For Real Currency/Trading items between servers is a Permaban reason.
  28. Pking at uniques/uniques events/uniques spawn points is forbidden.
  29. Tracing a Trade/Thief/Hunter with a normal char is not allowed.
  30. If you post your number in a stall/global we will take it as selling for real.
  31. www.lsro.eu is our only website.
  32. If you get scammed while not using a Legion worker as Middleman is not our responsibility.
  33. If you share your account info and your items are stolen is not our responsibility.
  34. �Not Knowing� the rules is not an excuse.
  35. All the rules above are made by us and we reserve the right to modify and change them anytime we wish. It is the player's responsibility to always check to see the changes to avoid violating them.
  36. Pk on trade is not allowed = ban
  37. Waiting in tp spawn area is not allowed = ban
  38. Proxy / vpn is not allowed in the game = ban
  39. Insulting Religions in pm or all chat or global = ban
  40. If you are in a Thief guild/union, you will ONLY be allowed to play Thief job. This goes for Hunters/Traders too. If you are in a Hunter/Trader guild/union you will ONLY be allowed to play Hunter/Trader.
  41. There should be NO use of secondary characters in Fortress war and/or Job wars. You are a single person behind a single PC, you should ONLY be playing 1 character during wars. I don't care if you have multiple Legion Characters.
  42. Attacking anyone with job suit while you have no job suit will lead to a ban. It doesn't matter if you killed them, debuffed them, knocked them back, or whatever. If you're pink against someone with jobsuit you will be punished.
  43. Script with hunter or thief is not allowed = ban
  44. Trace with Hunter or thief or without job suit is not allowed
  45. The rules above are subject to change according to the GM's decision/likings. Your job is to make sure you're up-to-date with the server rule changes. We will notify in-game and on Discord if the rules have been changed
  46. Don't share your Information with Anyone if the one you share your Information with got Banned and your char was Online on his PC u will be Banned too and u will not be Able to get it Back
  47. PK is allowed in Jupiter Temple and Garden
  48. Giving full char items to another player or share info is not allowed in the game = ban
  49. Bot selling or buying in game is not allowed = same as buying and selling for reall money

Server stats

Players: 1421/3000

Server Time: 12:34:51